I want to tell any prospective viewers about my book RESURRECTION; and RESCUING GOD, and how, although it is highly controversial, it is a necessary read, because it alerts Christians in particular, even more particularly Christians of the Roman Catholic persuasion, that their current Pope is an imposter, he being, in truth, a member of The New World Order. The New World Order is not a new phenomenon: it has been around ever since Woodrow Wilson introduced it as WWI was about to end––which end was due to the bravery of the Canadian regiments which took Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele 100 years ago this past spring of 2017. None of us like conspiracy stories, and tend to turn our collective noses up to something that is quite out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to the history we have always been taught about out religion or our country. That is natural, and usually a good thing. God knows there are enough conspiracy stories out there. But we also have to be willing to challenge the status quo when we realize that something is very amiss about all the facts we have been taught–– in this instance, for instance, who won WWI. The Americans, God love them, did not. Woodrow would never have entered that war, because the Germans were the ones who were supposed to win it; and the powers that be in America hated Britain since the time of the American Revolution and the War of 1812. There is much more to this story, however. Just know, that this current Pope has bought into the Nazi propaganda following WWI and ever since, that British and French hubris, along with Serbian upstarts, started that war, and not the Germans. There is so much more to history than what we have all been told, and, indeed, what our local university’s history departments have been teaching for the past fifty years. Do professors lie? Believe me they do. If you don’t believe me, go and read the books in your local university written about WWI by Winston Churchill and Lloyd George, and do so before they have been digitalized, because you can be sure those efforts will ensure that pertinent information has been edited from the same, the process being blamed for the extensive deletions. These are serious times; in fact, they are dangerous times. God, however, has not abandoned this world. That alone gives me hope.

Placeholder ImageGod calls us to love until it hurts, because unless we are loving accordingly, we are not really loving, just accepting our own and those we find acceptable, like the publicans of Christ’s day.